Is the Road to Justice Paved With Obstacles?

Bring your Milwaukee, WI drunk driving and traffic offenses to us

You see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror and instantly feel panicked. Although you only had a few drinks, you’re scared to be questioned. Anxious thoughts fill your mind – will I have to go to jail? How long will my license be suspended? Will my insurance provider track me down?
It’s common to feel apprehensive when faced with drunk driving and traffic offenses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Enter the courtroom with confidence when you contact a seasoned DUI attorney. The Law Office of Joseph R. Kennedy will fight for your rights and provide a winning DUI defense.

What are the consequences of a Milwaukee traffic offense?

Whether you’re trying to counter a drunk driving conviction or a moving violation, you can contact Joseph R. Kennedy. Finding an attorney for traffic offenses may feel overwhelming, but you can rely on our Milwaukee, WI law office to see you through tough times. We’ll dutifully collect evidence – such as blood alcohol statements – and confidentially analyze your case.

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"Mr. Kennedy is very knowledgable, professional and discreet. I appreciate how he handles sensitive issues with dignity. He was timely, kept me informed and was able to help me get exactly the outcome that was best for all parties. His manner helped my situation be far less stressful than it could have been."

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