Make Sure You’re Putting Your Family First

Your family law attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Changes in your family life can be stressful enough. Divorces, custody disputes, even restraining orders can come into play. While you must handle the practical issues personally, hire an attorney to handle the legal issues professionally. Don’t sacrifice your rights or the best interests of your family by working through a life-changing event without proper legal guidance and representation.

Attorney Kennedy has experience representing clients in a variety of family-law legal matters, including:

Divorce & Legal Separation
• Post-Judgment Child Custody & Placement Disputes
• Paternity Establishment
• Grandparent Custody & Visitation
• Child Support Modifications
• Property Disputes
• Maintenance Modifications
• Domestic Abuse Restraining Orders

For those going through a divorce, our Milwaukee family law attorney will make sure all parties involved attempt to work together to find the right resolution for the needs of the entire family unit. At our family law office in Milwaukee, WI, our focus is always on the children and their well-being. You’ll rest easy knowing that our fight is always centered on protecting their best interest.

Get a family attorney that knows about family first-hand

As your family law attorney, our Milwaukee specialists will work with you every step of the way to move toward a favorable resolution and agreement. You can count on the Law Office of Joseph R. Kennedy to provide the perfect combination of passionate and compassionate care for your needs, so you can rest a little easier knowing your family law case is being fought in the right ways.

Whether you need a child support specialist or a divorce attorney in Milwaukee, you can put your trust in the Law Office of Joseph R. Kennedy. Get in touch with our family law attorney in Milwaukee,WI, today to discuss what you need.

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"Mr. Kennedy has always responded quickly, accurately and honestly. I wish he had been my first lawyer. He has clarified all portions of the legal process with me in terms easy to understand. Always respectful, Mr Kennedy also explains realistic expectations in the eyes of the court. He gave me 'piece of mind.'"